Tigern is a "cat" born 2004 who after Louie´s death helps her brother Findus to rule the country Applecity.

To read about her early life go to the page Findus

Tigern is often counted as the queen or princess of Applecity but she is not either of that as she is the sister of the king,Her role in Applecity is sort of a vice king one.She is a pretty good-looking "cat" with her read fur wich is very unusual for females of both cat and "cat"s. She is almost all her brother isen`t as he loves food and often can bee on holidays for weeks and months with his record being 6,5 months just sleeping under trees and catching mice,rats,birds and such things, Tigern herself loves to be home in the Temple of Applecity and the Royal Winter Apartment eating small amounts of food and be resting at the sofas or beds and her record on a holiday is 23 hours.

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