The Tigern ships was the first ships too be produced by Applecity.

Tigern-class Cruisers is still in service in several of Applecitys International Battlegroups,they are one of three military ship classes of Applecity that are built to be operated by both humans and "cat"s .The Tigern-class withstands of 37 ships with KFS Tigern as the leadship of the class.KFS is the shorthening of the swedish words "Kung Findus Skepp" that is translated into english as King Findus Ship.

Armament Edit

The armament of the Tiger ships withstands of nine EM123 mm all-target-gun one turret in front and one to portside and one to starboard with three guns mounted in each turret. The guns have three 456 round magazines with a fire rate of seven rounds per second wich can be fired one all surface or airborne treats,three EM eight barrelled anti-submarine-grenade launchers that is used to attack subs up to dephts of 200 meters.The results of a sub being hit by these is not a destroyed sub but instead a sub captain that have to choose between stay under water and drown or get up to the surface and be captured by the Tigern crew as the grenades just punches 5cm holes in the sub,but that is enought for it to sink if its dosen´t surface quickly.As longe range armament the Tigern ship a twelwe EM 19/U surface to air missiles and twelwe EM/34 ship-to-ship missiles. The Tigern-class cruiser is also capable of carrying 2 EM 11 Nuclear Missilies. Note:Applecity does not currently field nuclear weapons.

Future Edit

The Tigern cruisers are planned to be in service to at least 2034.

Crew Edit

One practical thing with this advanced ships is that you only need 24 men to crew them.