Tigern Tank Mark III.The Tigern Tank is the MBT (Main Battle Tank) of Applecity. It is both well armed and armoured with a 140mm high kinetic energy armor penetraiting cannon as main weapon, one coaxial 7,92mm machine gun and another 7,92 ball-mounted in the front, one 14,5 mm anti tank machine gun with a under pipe mounted 30mm grenade launcher which the commander operate from the commanders hatch and a 7,25 MG on the turret which a fift crewmember operates. Up to 50 cm of armour makes this tank a real behemoth. Even with so much armour and weapons this tank is, with help of light weight armour and advanced technoligy really fast, it can drive up to 120 km/h on roads and around 72 km/h in terrain. The Tigern Tank also has some headligths if it`s mission is something like a night operation or perhaps it just shall drive on a road.

Tigern Tank.
Primary Armament:
140mm EM L60.
Secondary Armament:
7,92mm coaxial MG,ball-mounted 7,92mm MG,14,5mm AT MG at commander´s cupola,7,25mm MG on top of turret.30mm grenade launcher with 15 rounds mounted below and coaxial to the 14,5mm
140mm,40 HE rounds,40 APFSDS rounds,10 napalm rounds,10 smoke.

7,92mm,4500 rounds. 7,25mm 750 rounds. 14,5 mm,800 rounds.

14 CLAW self defence grenade launchers,2 per launcher
Maximum speed,on roads,120 km\h,in terrain,72 km\h. Range,can run on maximum speed for three years.
Two Applecitian Mark III Plasma Reactors that developes 4000 horsepowers. one backup Mark II reactor is also present developing 1200 horsepowers
Height 2,9 meters,Width 3,0 meters,Length,7,62meters
Armor type,Hans eller Hans productions Ceramic armour, Thickness,Classified.

There are six crewmembers: Commander seated in the right front of the turret.Driver in the main hull left front, Gunner on the left side of the main gun.Radio operator\ball-machinegunner in the main hull right front.Medic\co-driver\machinegunner behind the driver also is secondary gunner of the 7,25mm.Engineer\machine gunner seated behind the commander and is the main gunner of the 7,25mm,if anything would happen to the commander he\she takes the control of the tank.

Design Edit

The design may seem familiar to some.The reason of this is that the tank where rushed in production and then used the base design of an old western tank that as proven itself as a real mass production design.

In service Edit

The Tigerns are positioned in the battlegroups of Applecity and on the island itself,the 230 tanks that not are in servive of the provinces are members of The First Royal Armoured Battallion Of Applecity and are spread out on the island in the underground bunkers of the OlvAnPutt Line and there are almost always exercises on the Fields of Bananas. The tanks in the Battlegroups are often modified by the crews and the most common is to remove the ball mounted MG and set additional MILAN armour plates over the mount to increase armour protection because the ball-mount is the weakest spot on the whole tank. Totaly there are 2753 Tigerns in service.


The tank is protected by the Applecitian WIIK armour as it have the same weight and density as steel and 7 times more protection against APFSDS rounds and extreme resistance against heat.