Tigjertje10 is an SNTM creator who started airing  SNTM in 2007. The winner gets a contract with Master Model Agency. Five sims have won so far. However, unlike several other SNTM creators, Tijgertje10 has not had applications where other youtubers can apply their sims, but says "But, I'll promise that, only if this cycle gets successful, I'll Continue with a possible Cycle 7! And there will be applications for cycle 7! Definately!"

                      Cycle Summaries Edit

Cycle Winner Runner-up 2nd Runner-Up Other Contestants No.of contestants Premiere Date International Destination
1 Emma Waters Eveline Jones N/A Veronica, Marcia, Tammie, Celine, Denise, Zamira 8* 2006 Unknown
2 Bianca Thompson Louise Bertrand N/A Sophie, Yvonne, Gorgina, Ebony, Erika, Melissa 8 December 10th 2007 Tokyo, Japan
3 Jaleah Lewis Natasha Brandson N/A Kathy, Dionne, Krystal, Tiffany, Sara, Lilly 8 January 28th 2008 Sao Paulo, Brazil
4 Janee Washington Nicole Richards N/A Nathalie, Felicia, Toccara, Katala, Amanda, Nikki, Jessica, Amy 10 April 22nd 2008 Bangkok, Thailand
5 Cassandra Coleman Brooke* N/A

Alice, Cecile, Ashley, Kayla, Monica, Stacey, Miyu, Alyta, Finnia

11 September 30th 2008 Paris, France
6 Ruby Porter Sylvia Sullivan N/A Audrey, Serena, Ming-Na, Adina, Telyka, Taylor, Ginger Brittany, Ayla, Jolene, Jaylee 13 July 24th 2009

Moscow, Russia

7 Selenne Majurika  Zamira Crophet N/A Emma Springfield, Amy Winlow, Ashley Market, Zessica Tantiago, Kaz Harrison, Alice Blackburn, Ivy Greene, Nicole Frances, Hilary Sombalis, Lydia Keene, Drew Torres, Kay Honner, Ga-In Sakiwa 15 January 8, 2011 NA

Eliminated- Molly Poole, Afrika DeBell, Indhira Winston, Peih-Gee Lee, Ina Claire, Dalya Beltron, York Agba, Elaine Chaiket, Ashanti Rhajad, Merrill Bajorek, Kumiko BingBing, Noella Hoston, Alexis Watson, Acropolis Tsergad, Brenda Marraque

Still In-

Agatha Swan, Ashleigh Lohan,  Orianna Marrigold

18* 2014 NA

Cycle 1

Tijgertje10 did have a Cycle 1, but it was not aired on youtube and the episodes and names of the girls were never shown to anyone, except the names of the winner and runner-up(Emma and Samantha). It is not known why it was not published. However, the opening of cycle 3 showed eight girls(the first one shown was Emma), and then the cycle 2 girls. It can be assumed that the first girls shown were from Cycle 1, and there were eight, so it can be assumed there were eight finalists.

Cycle 8

Tijgertje10 was originally going to not do Cycle 8, but he decided to go on. However, only the top ten were in published full episodes. The girls eliminated before that were finalists, but Tijgertje10 said he didn't have the time and energy to do a cycle with 18 girls, so he cut 8 of them(Molly, Afrika, Indhira, Peih-Gee, Ira, Dalya, York, Elaine)