Vote off a camper who you like to be sent home with no marshmallow and have to go to the Dock Of Shame by pressing the campers names. But if no one vote for the Camper that your voting off or wasn't enough to vote him/her off because the campers votes off the other camper to be sent home. Be carefull how you play the game or annoy the campers because they might vote you off. If people annoy you can ask another camper to vote or ask them to join you an alliance to get more votes to get a camper out of the competition. You can draw your camper and name them. If you get voted off and go to The Boat of Losers Chef Hatchet will not take you home but take you to the beach where the campers are voted off. You can watch campers that are safe on the tv where the drinks are then see who is safe and eliminated out of the competition i see who will win the million dollars.

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