The tower of Gurdu, also known as The Wooden Tower on the Seas, is a large tendril perpendicular to the sea. No human knows how this object formed, though Igloo Snails do, but we just can't understand their complicated story on how this thing got to be here. It has been such a mystery, as the closest land mass is the Isle of Vezok, which is 8,058 kilometers away. Ironicly, both have a GDP of over 9000.

This mysterious object has been compared to the Rarg due their mystery, similar location, and common apperance. Some even say they have the same origin, possible even The Grox could be the answer. Once again, only Igloo Snails know.


The tower of Gurdu is a not very diverse place. There are only three native species here, Goggle Root Plants, Nimble Nats, and Hedreli Rats. This made it so boring, that when humans came over, they quickly decided to create better wildlife on the Tower of Gurdu, by populated themselves onto the isle. That in turn made the Anarchy of Gurdu, an anarchist citystate on the tower.

Though the wildlife is quite few on the Tower of Gurdu, in the water is very heavily populated. This is because of the Igloo Snails.

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