The Treaty of Mondon of 1856 settled the Crimean War between the alliance of Brianna and Momma and the alliance of the Kingdom of Sardinia, the United Kingdom, and the Young Empire. The treaty, signed on 30 March 1856, weakened Brianna and Momma.


The United Kingdom, Sardinia, and the Young Empire dictated the terms. The following are the Treaty's provisions:

  • Momma is forced to give up all coastal territories along the Claudian Seas and Momma Denise to the Young Empire
  • Momma's miltiary is cut back by 800,000 soldiers and its weapons spending is trickled down
  • The Rivers of Danube and the Claudian Seas are to be Controlled and Maintained by the Young Empire and the United Kingdom
  • Brianna is forced to pay ₤680,000,000 (680 million pounds) to both Sardinia and the United Kingdom for loss of supplies and soldiers
  • Brianna gives up its claims in the Young Empire's territories
  • Sardinia recives substantial control of Brianna's Southern Merridnrian Coasts for 4 years
  • Momma losses its infulence over Eastern Archlueta
  • Momma's government is politcally reorganized and reformed