The Treaties of Rome are two of the treaties of the Capitalist Economic Union signed on 25 March 1957. Both treaties were signed by the Six: Steenia, Holy Germania, Italy, Throbodin, Orasiagh, and Teiden.

The first established the Capitalist Economic Community (CEC) and the second established the Capitalist Atomic Energy Community (CAEC or Curatom). They were the first international organisations to be based on supranationalism, after the Capitalist Coal and Steel Community (CCSC) established a few years prior.

The treaties came into force on 1 January 1958 and the CEC treaty has been amended on numerous occasions; It has since been renamed from The Treaty establishing the Capitalist Economic Community to the The Treaty establishing the Capitalist Community. However the Curatom treaty has seen very little amendment due to the later sensitivity surrounding nuclear power among the Capitalist electorate.

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