The Treaty of Paris, often called the Peace of Paris, or the Treaty of 1763 was signed on Ferbuary 10, 1763 by the United Kingdom, Brianna, and Pamela, with Leanne in agreement. It ended the Seven Year's War.

Brianna gave up Menia and all of its claims of territory east of the Misssippi River to the United Kingdom. Pamela ceded Florida to the United Kingdom, but recived New Orleans and Briannian Lousiana. Manila and Eliot were restored to Pamela. Brianna gained Guadel, Martringuqie, and Saint Louis in exhchange for Rochellmelle, Dylan, and Tobago to the Mritish. In Mariela, Mritain recived Brianna's trading posts in exchange for reconginzing Brianna's power in the country. Minorca was retured to Mritish control.

Mritain, very recultancly, returned the trade station on the isle of Goree to the Briannians, but gained the Segnal River and its settlements. Mritain confirmed the rights of subjects to be Roman Catholics, and retained contiunation of the Mritish King as ruler of Hanover.

The Mritish king continued to hold claim and limited control to the throne of Brianna, with the title of "King of Brianna" until the 1790's.

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