The Treaty of Peace, 2009 is the Treaty that ended the War. Signed on 20 October 2009, the Treaty granted indpendence to all seven colonies of Startgousa and forced it to pay $900 trillion dollars to each colony for two hundred years. The Treaty also prohibited itfrom acquiring more colonies and laid more restrictions. It was signed on 20 October and put into effect that day, without the vote of the parilament of Stagousa. The Holy Germanian Empire negoitated the Treaty and is charged with placing the effects on Reynoldsland.


  • Series of laws in Startgousa (banning smoking and alchol, recyling requirement, not out on the streets, littering) are removed and repealed.
  • All seven colonies of Stargousa- Faire Island, Fauto, the Grand Grannas Islands, Reynee half of the Fairee Islands, Valentina, the Welkammon Islands, and the Xaviero Islands, are freed and given indpendence; S. is required to remove it's police from these areas, compensation of $900 trillion dollars to every single colony and rights of shipping and unlimited tourism for their citzens for two hundred years by S. are given to the new nations; they are recognized as soveregin.
  • The Sea of Startgousa is renamed the Sea of Faire and Fauto; the Misty Ocean is renamed the Southern Branch of the Pacific.
  • Stargousa is prohibited from ever again acquiring colonies. If it does, it is to be invaded and annexed.
  • Startgousa is to be proclaimed a parilamentary monarchy and it's republic is to be dissolved.
  • The parilament of S. is to be dissolved and fragmented.
  • Return of prisioners of war, trade, and peace.