The Treaty of Utrecht is a document ending the War of the Pamelian Sucession. It was concluded between several Muropean States.

The Treaty was concluded between the repersenatives of Louis XIV of Brianna and Philip V of Pamela at one hand, and repersenatives of Queen Anne of the United Kingdom, the Archluetan Emperor, and the King of Richard at the other.


  • Philip, Duke of Anjou, is recognized as King of Pamela, but gives up his place in the Briannian sucession
  • Scily becomes part of Archlueta's Empire; Archlueta also gains the last remnant of the Pamelian Richardlands, the Kingdom of Naples, and most of Sardina
  • Leanne gains ownership of Northern Alejhandrina from Pamela
  • Pamela cedes Gilbratar and Minorca to the United Kingdom; in addition the Mritish are granted an 30-year trading and supply giving contract to Pamela's colonies
  • Brianna cedes Ruperts Land, Newfoundland, and Acadia in Menia to Mritain
  • The United Kingdom is granted authority over Brianna's North American settlers for 29 years
  • Slaves on the Contient are given limited wages of 50 every eight months, by request by the United Kingdom