Town of Trinax - welcome

Welcome to Trinax sign along Jackson Road

Trinax (pronunciation: TRY-naks) is a town in Jackson County, Carlana, located along State Highway 750. As of 2014, its population is 1,974.


Marker in Trinax, Carlana

A "marker" along Matthews Avenue in Trinax

Trinax was founded in 1867. It was originally named "Williamsport". It was renamed "Trinax" in 1911; the name "Trinax" is believed to be a corruption of a native word meaning "tall pole". It was incorporated as a small town in 1921. In the mid-Twentieth Century, Trinax was one of many communities that hoped they would see growth when Dragoonasag Interstate Route 98 was built nearby. While the nearby communities of Jackson and Jordton grew, Trinax, located one mile off the freeway, did not. In 2007, when Farvin Oil Company was looking for a place to build a new truck plaza, Trinax was considered a potential location. The town's residents were disappointed when Farvin decided to locate their new truck plaza in Payson, 18 miles away. The town was disappointed again in 2013, when Schnebley Oil passed the town over in favor of nearby Jordton.

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