Tyler William Venoill (March 3, 1961-29 October 2009) was the prime minister of Staugossa . Venoill was elected prime minister in 2008, replacing Mark Fehloq. He won the election by promising to make improvements for the good of Staugossa and its former possessions. Unfortunately, Venoill did not carry out his promise, and ended up being involved in appointing officials to the former possessions who were exercising their powers in a bad way, similar to the way Fehloq's hired officials did in the earlier years of the decade.

In January 2009 he saw the Campaign for Liberation of Staugossa Colonies executed against his nation's possessions. He failed to organize defense and was in the capital when the city was surronded by Holy Germanian naval and land forces on 1 July. He refused to surrender but after days he did. Venoill was taken into custody as prisioner of war and was released on 1 September. He then went back to regain power, but he found the government had been overthrown and went into hiding. On 29 October he committed suicide.

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