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Real Name: Tyrinian Arkrioz

Status: Hero

Occupation: Elemental sorcerer; super hero; prince of the Ancient Order of Elemental Spellcasters

Powers/Abilities: Telekinesis; super stregnth; super speed; flight; excellent spellcasting; near invulnerability and durability; elemental sorcery and powers, including these: Air and wind manipulation, cold and ice manipulation, earth manipulation, electric manipulation, fire and heat manipulation, plant manipulation, water and moisture manipulation, light manipulation, weather manipulation, element changing ability, can become any being of any element (water, fire, electricity, etc.), metal manipulation, energy manipulation, and energy blasts; dimensional transportation; immune to one of Marliok’s dark spells; paralysis immunity.

Tyrix the elemental sorcerer


Tyrix the Elemental Sorcerer Character

Tyrinian Arkrioz a.k.a. Tyrix

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