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Memorial Obelisk, Tyrocas

Memorial Obelisk, honouring the war veterans who called Tyrocas home.

Welcome to Tyrocas

Welcome to Tyrocas. "Discover what we have to offer".

Tyrocas is a town in the nation of New Herswick. It is located about 84 kilometres (52 miles) north of Newfield. It is the birthplace of former Prime Minister Stuart Fahlay.


Tyrocas was founded in 1843 by settlers from Newfield. Its name was said to have been derived from native words "ti-ir" (three) and "oukhas" (hills). The name was chosen because of the settlement's location. Tyrocas started out as a small settlement with only 14 people. The town had no Post Office until 1904, and the town's residents received their mail from the nearby town of Charlesburg. After King Curtis III's death in 1883, the people of Tyrocas erected a statue of him in the centre of town. Shortly afterwards, they named their main street after the monarch. Tyrocas became known for the Curtis III statue.

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