The UNA flag.


A simplified reprint of Damanique Filt's famous painting of the city of Corkadou, the capital of UNA 2.

The United Nations of Anor (or UNA) is a Betelgish empire that include over 400 000 nations. The empire's capital city is Vouta Tirrin, which with its 17 000 000 inhabbitants is the second largest city on the planet.

Continents Edit

The United Nations rule over two Betelgish continents, UNA 1, UNA 2 and big part of Denise.

UNA 1 Edit

UNA 1 are the second largest continent on Betelgeuse, only smaller than Catarin. The continent are a peninsula, and geography scientists assume it will separate from the mainland within 20 000 years. the capital, Vouta Tirrin is located here, at the south of the peninsula.

UNA 2 Edit

UNA 2 is much smaller than 1, but contain major industrial nations like Coffal and Üntergard. The many industrial constructions and war machine fabrics around the continent, is the reason why it's often called "The Black Hole".

Denise Edit

The United Nations of Anor and the Golden Empire have been in cold war in nearly 80 years, but three years ago the war on Denise turned out to be much more than cold. The Golden Empire owns a bigger part of it, but the UNA have taken control of the west side, which is ca. 30 % of the continent.

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