Unistarch is the homeworld of the Stiik species, and the most ecologically stable planet in the stellar empire of the Stiik. This is because the other planets are either inhospitable, terraformed and seeded with a limited range of life forms, or naturally have a lower ecologic diversity. This had lead to speculation that Unistarch is not in fact a natural planet, but instead created by a type III civilisation (i.e. one that spans an entire galaxy)



Dominant Species
Kirsh System
Terraforming status
Naturally life-supporting
Stellar Position
Percent water
Day length
28.3 Earth hours
Year length
346 stiik days
~12 Msl
Atmosphere content
Nitrogen, Oxygen and a trace amount of other gases

Animals Edit

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The animal life in Unistarch is very diverse, with about 2 million discovered species, 500,000 of which have been studied.

Herbivores Edit

Most species on Unistarch are herbivores, which very rarely do anything more violent than growl at other species entering their territory. About 100 of the herbivores are commonly slaughtered for food, with another 500 species that are less commonly used as food sources.

Carnivores Edit

Carnivores also exist on Unistarch. Many carnivores growl at and even attack any wandering animal that happens to be unfortunate enough to come by. This means that carnivores on Unistarch live a solitary life, although some species hunt in packs, and very few species cannot be defined as 'pack hunters', as they attack in huge swarms.

Omnivores Edit

Many omnivores on Unistarch display near-Tribal levels of intelligence. Many of them only live in limited places, as they are commonly specialised for only a few species of plants and animals. Because of this they are protected by law. Omnivorous creatures on Unistarch mainly growl, but only attack if provoked.

Villages Edit

Most Stiik live in densly populated cities and colonies. However, some live in small villages on islands, living a hunter-gatherer lifestyle. The main Stiik empire knows to leave them to evolve at their own pace.

Nations Edit

No individual nations exist on Unistarch, as all the Stiik nations combined into one global supernation fairly recently.

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