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This plaque commemorates a former great editor of ImagineWiki. MightyErick, who resigned in early April 2008, will be remembered for building ImagineWiki into an amazingly diverse and large wiki. MightyErick and I were never really close, and as he molded the wiki into a different world, I was too busy to notice. Now that he has departed, he will still be remembered as a great member and a ambitious person. During his activity on the site, we were all surprised at how fast everything happened and how many changes exploded into view. The wiki was effectively rebuilt. MightyErick turned ImagineWiki into the Dubai of the Wikia world. And now that he is gone, we have reverted into the village we once were. We will all remember him as an interesting and caring editor and administrator.

Sincerely, JuWki ¤ Home pageΞ Talk 03:23, 11 April 2008 (UTC) __________________________________________________________________________________________________

You didn't mention that he removed (exported to ConMyth) practically every contribution he made here? Now it's as if he doesn't exist any more.

Cheers, YZHSig   14:02, 11 April 2008 (UTC)

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