aka Vladmir

  • I live in United Kingdom
  • I was born on July 14
  • My occupation is Wiki Founder (former)
  • I am Male

This is also seen on my Sketch Star page.

Hello , I am Optimal848, former editor (the only one!) of the Omnipotent wiki. I live in somewhere in Europe and I'm happy with my life. So far I want to help this wiki to become a great place for imagination.

How I came across the wikiEdit

I was looking for somewhere imaginative on the Wikia comunity, so I searched for something and I see a page, with it ending in ImagineWiki. I immediately look at the wiki and here I am now.


Pages OwnedEdit

Name Freely Editable Active?
Bodiless Knight No Yes
Bodiless Wonders No Usually
Dominator No Yes
Planet Thangmau No Usually
Beaten Bodiless No No

Profile StatisticsEdit

Company Worth
Φ620 million
Φ240 million


Dominator Full Logo

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