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The Government of Utopia was decided upon by the first Settlers of Utopia, as soon as they adapted to their new home. It is a mixture of old governments that were deemed successful(by the settlers), with new Utopian ideas. The first thing that was decided was to have a monarchy, to give Utopia a sense of unity, but with some elements of democracy, namely the ability to impeach the ruler, to prevent any one person from becoming too powerful. It was also decided to divide Utopia into Seven States, though this is a very important secret, the official documents are sealed many miles into the metal of Utopia to prevent theft or unwanted knowledge of this information. Each of the Seven States has a Councilor(also a relatively unknown fact), whose jobs are to advise The King when deciding on an important matter. Interestingly, The King is also technically a councilor, since the State he resides in has no other Councilor, he is, by default, the Councilor of that State. Each Councilor must be well known in his State, or at least be well-informed of such things as the State's opinions on certain matters, and the needs of the State. Each Councilor willingly chooses a Utopian to replace him when he passes away. This is the first job a Councilor has, as Death can strike at anytime and the State simply must have a Councilor. If a State is left without a Councilor, either The King, the other six Councilors, or both, must decide who the knew one will be. However, if The King is deemed unsuitable by the Seven States, he must resign and let the New King take the throne. Lastly, the Seven Councilors are also susceptible to resignation, if the King decides one is acting inexcusably.

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