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Utopians speak, by default, English, as that was the dominant language on Earth before The War. In most areas of Utopia, English is the only language that appears to be spoken. However, computers on the Spacecraft contained records of all documented languages from Earth's history, and lessons as well. Thanks to this, several Utopians have mastered such languages as Spanish, French, and German. Speaking a language other than English on Utopia is considered an art of the highest form, garnering immense respect and admiration. Though most Utopians can proudly declare that they know a word or two of a foreign language, those who have fluently mastered a language tend to attempt learning other languages, with the result of some Utopians learning up to, and even over, 20 languages. Any Utopian skilled enough to do such a feat is known worldwide, and is often gone to for advice from young language-learners, such as which language is best, which language is most famous, and(the most common one) which one is the easiest to learn. Apart from these however, is a language sometimes referred to as "Utopian", which is a mixture of various languages, yet is unique as well. If Utopian should become an official language, it would mark a major milestone in the success of Utopia.

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