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Utopia is a large sun-like planet(in terms of surface area) created several hundred years ago by the Government of Earth, as a last resort for salvation of the Human race from the Nuclear War raging on Earth. Knowing there was little time, the Government of Earth gathered friends, family, and many thousands of other people into a Spacecraft and left Earth and its wars behind forever. With the technology aboard the Spacecraft, various small celestial bodies(namely asteroids and an entire moon) were gathered, and melted down into a single object, though not before installing a small mechanism in the center to create gravity. After all this was done, what was once a cluster of rock was now a perfectly round sphere of metal, floating near enough to the sun to allow for warmth and plant life. The Spacecraft's massive size permitted for enough soil to be carried to cover the entire surface generously and evenly, but only did so in a few locations, creating towering mountains in one are, and flat valleys in another. The Spacecraft then released smaller ships whose jobs were to mine deep into the metal and fill the chasm left afterwards with water. This would be the source of the life-dependant water the planet would depend on so dearly in the future. Then the Spacecraft touched down on Utopia, and its passengers stepped out onto their new home.

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