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Utopia is made up of approximately 1.7 trillion people, spread out among the entire nation. Since Utopia's creation, the population number has steadily increased, though this trend seems to be somewhat changing. The people of Utopia tend to be very similiar, not so much in looks as personality. Because the laws of Utopia apply for all citizens in all areas(See: Government), Utopians must all be raised in more or less the same manner in order for them to know and obey the laws of Utopia, as well as the local rules. Utopians form groups with others who work in the same career as them, sometimes causing large areas, sometimes many miles in size, dedicated to a single job. This interesting trait is unique among Utopians, and is arguably efficient, as all supplies workers need(to work), and all workers suppliers need(to make profit) are in the same area. In other areas however, there are workers of all kinds of careers in the same area, though these groups are more rare than others, if not smaller.

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