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VX Super Force is about seven superheroes who are building a big heroic fighting team to save Earth and other places from many enemies, including a race called the Kazamardrans. The hero team has many members and are allied with Kento City's police force and mayor.

The original founders of the VX Super Force are Capt. VX, Capt. VX Girl, Oranga, Strongholder, Veronica Venus, Dino Boy, and Syler.

VX Super Force Movie Characters

VX Super Force and allies

Characters Edit

  • Heroes

Capt. VX

Capt. VX Girl



Veronica Venus

Dino Boy


VX Super Force Movie Characters 3

Velenor and the BCTF (Blue Cyber Tech Force)

  • Villains



Blue Cyber Tech Force

Beatdown Gang

Beatdown Leader

Blue Cyber Armor Brothers

Beatdown Wolves



VX Super Force Movie Characters 2

The Beatdown Gang

Works Edit

To read available works for VX Super Force, go to this link:[1].

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