Vanir (Vah neer) is a diverse band, in both genre and in members, formed in 1987 by German composer Leo Schultz in Weimar, Germany. Since its foundation, the band has had a diverse membership with twelve Americans, 17 Germans, 4 Mexicans, 4 Swiss, 3 Swedish and 9 British all joining in the project. The band also encompasses a wide variety of influence and genre including; Raggae, Punk Rock, Progressive Rock, Heavy Metal, Symphonic Metal, Funk, Soul, Blues, Jazz, Folk, Pop, Electronic and Experimental Music. From its foundation, the group has released a total of seven albums, twelve EPs', two collections and four projects.

In 2013, the band split into two groups, known now as Freyr and Kvasir, both named after Vanir gods, respectively. Freyr took the band into a more Jazz format and began experimenting with Jazz Fusion, releasing their first EP in March. Kvasir is taking the band into a more experimental direction, mainly towards heavier sounds that resonates in the veins of Grunge and Heavy Metal. Their first album is expected to be released in January of 2014, the name for the album is still unconfirmed.


Current Members (Kvasir)

Current Members (Freyr)

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