Vantrapolis is a peaceful and very advanced country off the coast of Norway. It is a monarchy led by King Hermann Von Ochler IV. It is one of the countries in The Crescent. The Kingdom of Norwegaia and Eric refuses to recognize the small country.


Flag of Vantrapolis

Official name
Monarchy of Vantrapolis
Current King
May 12th, 1792
Major Rivers
Highest Point
Vantrapolian Knuk (δ)


In 1792 Vantrapolis, back then an unnamed, unclaimed island was fiercely competed for by two armies, one led by General Kran Vazöm of the Eastern Kolnev people and the other led by Commander Everard Vanter of the Western Skyvamp people. There was a savage war and General Vazöm was killed along with most of both armies, leaving only 13 Skyvamps - (including Commander Vanter) - and 10 Kolnevans to fend for themselves. The Kolnev and Skyvamp colonies made peace and the citizens of Vantrapolis are the descendants of those 23 people. Since then, the original two civilizations disappeared, leaving the Vantrapolians their only descendants. In honor of Commander Vanter, the island was named after him. And in memory of the war, the Vantrapolians vowed to cease all violence to each other and the weapons were dumped into the ocean.

Capital City Edit

Eta-Baghnid-Setus is Vantrapolis' capital city.


The paper money used by Vantrapolis is the Knuk (δ) which is worth a lot. The coin is called the Vash and is worth one-fifth of a Knuk. The Knuk has a picture of Commander Van Trapolis, while the Vash depicts a dragon and a crescent moon, which were the national symbols of the Kolnevans and Skyvamps.


Most, if not all Vantrapolians are Novulstic. A small population is rumored to be Pachta, but as of yet, this is still unknown.


The main language is Vantrapolish, a mixture of Kolnevan and Skyvampish. It is spoken very slowly and most words are forced through the upper palate.