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Real Name: Velenor

Status: Villain

Occupation: Wizard; second ruler of Kazamardra; Capt. VX’s archenemy

Powers/Abilities: This king of Kazamardra is the greatest Kazamardran around, including his friend Zalthor; he is master of the magical forces and various powers of Kazamardra; flight; near omnipresence; possesses inferno-like powers, which can kill, or seriously damage any being who feels it; he generates this inferno force; inferno blasts, shields, image casting, and monstrous creature and humanoid summoning; can use inferno powers to turn into an evil, destructive being of pure inferno; inferno powers are immune to those who try to command it with psionic forces, or something else; lethal energy bolts; like his race, he is 5 times stronger, durable, and faster than a human; super strength; powerful telekinetic; can alter his own age (he can choose to remain at any age he chooses); like his race, he can live over thousands of years and maintain great longevity (he can lose the will to live); he has healing and support powers from Kazamardra; his eyes (like most of his race) can see through the minds of others during eye contact, they can see spirits, and invisible forces; possesses near immeasurable powers and sorcery such as manipulating magical forces, reality warping, dimensional transportation, teleportation, and information thievery from the minds of others; can transform his costume’s appearance; lightning force-like dimensional transportation (it is faster than regular dimensional transportation).

Velenor is one of the VX Super Force's greatest adversaries.


Velenor, the VX Super Force's feared foe

--Tyroguun 15:01, September 19, 2011 (UTC)

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