Visiyar is the only planet orbiting the Xeru-Ziru binary star system. It's seasons, tides, and day-night cycles are erratic thanks to its non-circumbinary orbit. The planet of Visiyar only has one mega-continent also called Visiyar.

Inhabitants Edit

All the inhabitants of Visiyar must be adaptable, meaning there is greater evolutionary incentive for species develop collective learning so that may be prepared for anything.

The Neep Edit

The Neep are the most intelligent of Visiyarian species. Their eyes are wide and can see many more colors than us so they may understand all around them. They lack gender; all members of their species are hermaphrodites.

At the front of their face is a proboscis. Unlike the proboscises of insects, a Neep's proboscis is softer and thicker. This is due to how inconsistent the climate is, and such,

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