Vorgett County's stone

Vorgett County's stone

Vorgett County is a county in the Dragoonasag state of Salviana. It is named after Daniel Vorgett. Its county seat is Vorgettstown.


The Vorgett County area was first discovered by explorers John Relgard Long and Frederick C. Ulrich. The county was created in 1847. In 1935, the county became the first Salviana county to ban the sale of alcoholic beverages.


Vorgett County is located in western Salviana, and is known as a "border county".

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During the last census, Vorgett County had a population of about 129,039. Caucasians made up about 72% of the population; Africans made up about 10% of the population; Hispanics made up about 10% of the population; Parkufos made up about 5% of the population; Asians made up about 2% of the population, and about 1% of the population came from island nations.

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