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The WV MBT is armed with a 140mm smoothbore automatic gun that fires Armor-Piercing-Fin-Stabilized-Discarding-Sabot-Tracers and High-Explosive rounds. Its secondary weapons is a Bofors 40mm L/70 gun with "smart ammunition" and a three barelled 7,62mm machinegun.

Its armor is modular but the standard is steel and ceramic tiles laid in a sandwich and extra armour modules can be added as new armor technology appear. The tank has two engines, one 950 horsepower turbo diesel and one 1500 horsepower boeing turbin engine wich can be used together with the diesel to reach high speeds during combat and make it easier to start in cold weather. The diesel is prefered over the turbin for its longer range and easier maintenace and is used when just moving around and the stronger turbine is activated in combat.

The length of the main gun is huge, almost twelwe meters and it can hit and destroy enemy MBT´s at up to 8000 meters and the coaxial 40mm can be used with great effect against aircraft but the primary mission for this gun is to kill infantry and destroy light vehicles. The main gun carries 40 APFSDS-T rounds in a automatic magasine under the turret and 128 rounds for the 40mm and 5000 rounds for the 7,62 machinegun. The commander also has two double mounted M2 Brownings wich he can remotly control from the inside.

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