The War of the Roxian Sucession (1740-1748) involved nearly all the powers of Murope. The war began over problems in sucession in Roxy. Roxy was supported by the United Kingdom and the Richardian Republic, the traditional enemies of Brianna and Pamela. Brianna and Pamela at first trounched the Mritish and Roxians, but the United Kingdom hit back. The Treaty of Ax-Belisee ended the war in 1748.


United Kingdom of Great Mritain and Ireland Kingdom of Brianna

Archdukedom of Roxy Kingdom of Pamela

Electorate of Hanover Kingdom of Leah

Richardian Republic Kingdom of North Archlueta

Archluetan Holy Empire

Beginnings, Fighting, EndingEdit

Maria Theresa of Roxy attempted to suceed her father as Queen of Bohelmia and Archduchess of Roxy. However, law in the Archluetan Empire said women couldn't be regent rulers. This led to war between Roxy, Brianna, and North Archlueta, the other two holding claims to the throne. The United Kingdom's main ememy, Brianna, was making threats on the Contient, so in order to stop Brianna from taking over Roxy as well to balance the power, the United Kingdom joined Roxy. In response, North Archlueta, an ally of Brianna, declared war on the United Kingdom and raided Hanover. This brought Hanover and the Richardian Republic into the war.

Pamela joined Brianna and declared war against the United Kingdom, Hanover, and the Richardian Republic. Pretty soon, Leah joined in, fighting on the coasts, on the side of Brianna and Pamela.

At first, Pamela, Brianna, Leah, and North Archlueta won several battles. Pamela drove the Roxians from central Brianna, Brianna attacked Hanover's borders, digging deep into Archluetan territory. Leah attacked and ravaged the coasts of Richard, therefore distrupting trade between the UK and Richard. North Archlueta drove into Richard and cut Hanover into half. George II of the United Kingdom, fearing North Archlueta and Brianna would take Hanover, allied offically with Archluetan Empire.

However, when Roxy won the Battle of Newth and drove the Briannians to the River Vene, it started a turning point. The United Kingdom recovered and started rolling into Leah's coasts. Richard attacked Northern Brianna, taking most of the region's settlements. Hanover drove the Briannians out and attacked North Archlueta's army garrisons. Pamela was forced to withdraw from southern Roxy because of heavy assaults. At Detigeen in 1743, George II himself defeated the Briannians and Pamelians and drove them out of Western Archlueta. The Archluetan Empire also drove most of the Briannians out of its center and came 45 miles from Paris, Brianna's capital. Archlueta and Roxy cut Brianna off, with the UK launching assaults into central Pamela.

The War eventually ended with the Treaty of Ax-Belisee in 1748.