Atlantis' Demise is the first movie in the Water Wars series.


"The Independents will regret the day they destroyed our leader... and our future."Lord Sandstorm, 1025/3605.

The Pacific Empire is hopeless after the Reef Battle I when Lord Lantis is killed by the Independents. But soon enough, Lord Sandstorm rises to power in the bleak future. He is inaugurated as leader of the Pacific Empire on 1000/3605.

Lord Sandstorm declares war on the Independents on 1025/3605, and using a huge army of Sandtroopers, attacks the capital city of Atlantis.

The Independents, surprised by the huge attack, were forced to give the city of Atlantis to the Empire on 1030/3605. The capital, however was moved to Blue Reef.

The Independents prepared for a large battle, and moved IG200 and IG205 closer to the Lava Line, the center of the Empire and location of the Reef Killer. A few days later, IG9, an elite group of 20 waterbenders, was sent to challenge Lord Sandstorm in Volcano V.

IG9 raided to palace, killing hundreds of Sandtroopers and Royal Guards. As they made their way into the center of the Palace, Lord Sandstorm lurched out of the darkness, ready to battle.

The first war battle began as Lord Sandstorm used his complicated and elite Waterbending moves to knock down the IG9 group. Even though Sandstorm was very powerful, IG9 managed to server his left leg, causing him extreme pain.

Lord Sandstorm, in anguish, killed the last 5 IG9 members with a huge blast of water as he fainted from the pain.

As Sandstorm recovered, he vowed to destroy the Independents as the next battle was prepared for.

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