Water Wars Chapter 3: The Empire Expands is the third movie in the Water Wars movies.


After the Independent Group causes mass damage in the evil Pacific Empire's capital, the Empire is prepared to expand and prepare for more battles.

Meanwhile, IGs 20-30 gather 20 miles south of Volcano I in secret bunkers. In the center of the troops are five spies, preparing to sneak into the Empire and damage the ultimate superweapon: the Reef Killer, designed to fire 8 tons of atomic bombs into the Independents' land.

Sandtroopers patrolling the outer dunes of Volcano I spot something unusual to the south. They run down to the bunkers, where the Independents' attack.


Battle of the South

Many of the 20 Sandtroopers are killed, and Sandtrooper 10500 calls for emergency backup.

In 5 minutes, a huge battle is raging over the barren land south of the border. The spies are transported is a huge Offensive Transporter, surrounded by 7 UPs. They successfully make it to the other side, where the spies are deployed.

Heavily armed, the spies sneak in to the large, quiet city. Making it past the guards, they slip onto the South lawn of the Reef Killer. Using advanced tools, the quietly re-route the main laser shaft directly towards the ground. When fired, the entire city would be destroyed. The spies then tried to exit the city, yet all entrances and exits were blocked off. The city was on military lockdown.

The Central Military Intelligence Headquarters in Corona, an Independent city, knew of the danger to the well-being of the plan and the country. They then launched an unexpected air attack on the city.


Attack on the Empire

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