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The Lava Line is the fourth and latest installment in the Water Wars movie series.


After Lord Sandstorm expands the Pacific Empire and readies for battle, 200 new elite troopers (IG10 - IG20) are trained for battle in the Independents' training facility and sent to Volcano V to destroy the palace once and for all.

IG8, one of the first elite Independents group, uses a huge atomic destroyer, DE5, to transport towards the large palace. The west wing of the palace was destroyed in Chapter 2: The Independents Strike Back.

Lord Sandstorm, however, is aware of the coming danger and sends 1,500 of his Sandtroopers off to battle the 10 elite IGs. The Battle of Volcano I takes place, and the Independents are able to destroy the army with their combined powers, leaving a total of 1,489 Sandstoopers dead and only 8 Independents dead.

After the battle, the 10 IGs arrive in Volcano V to fight Lord Sandstorm. Sandstorm jumps off a tall cliff into the volcano, ready to fight. Even though Lord Sandstorm is powerful, the IGs are able to cut off his robotic left leg, and right arm while piercing his chest and left shoulder. Too weak to fight, he calls for the Reef Killer to shoot an 8-ton atomic blast at the Independents.

Spies from the Independents, though, had rewired the Reef Killer in Chapter 3 so it would shoot directly at the palace. The blast destroyed the palace, 2 volcanoes, and the rest of the Empire. Lord Sandstorm, the only Empire survivor, was flown to a hospital in Atlantis, once again an Independents' city, to die. His life support was cut off by the government, so within 5 hours, he was dead.

The Independents' took all the land that the Empire once held to themselves, and the war was completely over. IGs 1 through 30 were made honorary troopers.

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