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Wendytown (population: 10,076) is a city in Davis County, Carlana. It is located in the Carlana West metropolitan area. Founded in 1849, the town was named Pirinouhel (from a native word for "settlement") until 1863, when it was renamed Wendytown in honor of Wendy Gaitsch, the wife of war hero Charles Gaitsch. Both are buried just outside the city.


The community was founded in April 1849 and named for the local Parkufo word for "(the) settlement)". Fourteen years later, it was renamed for the wife of war veteran Charles Gaitsch, after said wife passed away. Statues of both Charles and Wendy would later be erected in the Town Square. Wendytown was incorporated as a city in 1888, receiving its Post Office in May of that year.

On December 8, 1911, Wendytown experienced an earthquake that caused damage to some buildings, including the Post Office. These buildings were repaired, but the very same buildings were damaged again in July 1947, when another earthquake hit the town. The 1947 earthquake was stronger than the 1911 earthquake, and the damage it caused led to the city adopting a "building code" that states that buildings and structures in Wendytown must be able to withstand weak to medium earthquakes.

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