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West Canipra is a country that occupies the western half of the island of Canipra. It shares the island with East Canipra. Its capital city is Sunstown, which is also the country's largest city. Other large cities in West Canipra are Bridgesville and Simptonsville.


Most of West Canipra lies in the Canipran Plain. The highest point in the country is Kulleck Hill. Major rivers in West Canipra are the Lydra and Vinnon rivers. Lake Westille, formed by the Vinnon-Westille Dam, is the largest lake in West Canipra, as well as the largest on the island of Canipra.


West Canipra was inhabited by the Mauchoas people before English-speaking settlers arrived. In 1799, explorer John Roubert arrived at what is now Port Roubert in Sunstown. He wrote a letter to his family, and in 1801, they arrived on the island. By the 1815, the community now known as Sunstown had become a busy city. By the late-1800s, 70 percent of West Canipra's population spoke English. In 1925, the country adopted its current flag.

In 1978, the Fianical Crash of 1978 destoryed West Canipra's economy. The currency dropped by over 80 percent and the Market dropped by over 80. West Canipra did not recover until January 1989.


The people of West Canipra are called West Caniprans. Caucasians make up the largest percentage of the country's population; they make up 89 percent of the population. Hispanics, Africans, and the native Mauchoas make up the other 11 percent. Most of the country's people speak English, the official language of West Canipra.


The climate of West Canipra is mild-to-hot year round. The average January high is 72 degrees, and the average January low is 63 degrees. The average July high is 93 degrees, and the average July low is 79 degrees.

Government RegulationsEdit

The government of West Canipra has set up many regulations to keep down the crime rate. West Canipra has also banned smoking as part of the West Canipra Health Improvement Act (WCHIA). Profanity is also illegal in the country.


West Canipra is known as a resort country because of its many resort cities, such as Kindo, Cadiport, Vintalco, and Tryalt.

West Canipra
Major Cities: Sunstown · Bridgesville · Simptonsville
Geographical Features: Lydra River · Vinnon River · Lake Westille
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