City-State of Whytecliffe - Stadtstaat Vajtklif - Stadtstaat Weitklif

Whytecliffe Flag

Damnagoras (G)
Official Languages
English, Chathan, French, German

The City-State of Whytecliffe (/waɪʔklɪf/, Chathan: Sctadstat Visklip /ʃtadstat vaɪtklɪf/) is a City-State of Pacardia.

Aesthetically, Whytecliffe has often been compared to a medieval or renaissance fantasy realm, largely due to a combination of its natural beauty and a cultural heritage reflected in historic architectural styles and cobblestone roads. It is one of the two City-States that, along with Dawngate, compose(d) Chatham.

Election of New KaiserEdit

Isaac Bonewits died of colon cancer on August 12th, 2010. An election was held soon after. Upon his election, Damnagoras was given the Pokémon previously used by Isaac as a gym leader in the Pacardi Pokémon League, becoming the island's new dragon master.


Damnagoras (42%)

Peter Molyneux (30%)

Marco Hietala (28%)

Whytecliffe 2

the expansive Kush Woods in the southeast, still largely intact after centuries


the northern part of Whytecliffe, which is more urban