William Carres

William Carres in 1914

Birth name
William Granville Carres
May 17, 1887
September 8, 1953 (aged 66)
Years active
Bethany Maghampton (1913-1953)(his death)

William Granville Carres (May 17, 1887 - September 8, 1953) was an actor known for his roles in silent films in the 1920s. He has starred in films from age 10 in the late 1890s to his death in 1953; he finished what would be his last film in 1953. He had just started filming Rohn Belcher's Ghost when he took ill and later died. He was posthumously nominated for awards in 1954.

Carres was a member of the famous Carres family of performers and businesspeople, and was the only child of businessman Jonah Carres and his wife Evelyn Shalderhaal. He was the father of the late actor Louis and living actor Wayne Carres. He was the paternal grandfather of actresses Mary and Marge Carres, both of whom are offspring of the late Louis.


Carres was born on May 17, 1887. He began show business as a child in 1898, and became a well-known actor by age 22 in 1909.


Carres made his first film in 1898, but did not become famous until the early 1900s, when he starred in films with famous actor Edward Belchano. He starred in silent films in the 1920s, and gained the nickname of "Silent Film Carres" due to his work in more than twenty silent films. In the 1930s, he starred in films such as Dirk & Joag (1935) and Dust on Highway 79 in 1938. In the 1940s, Carres starred in war films and Western films. In the early 1950s, Carres starred in films such as Return to Boone Hall in 1952.

Personal lifeEdit

Carres married actress Bethany Maghampton in 1913. They had two sons, actor Louis in 1921 and actor Wayne in 1923. Carres was a nonsmoker and did not drink alcohol. He also refrained from using profanity. He encouraged his sons to follow his example.


Carres reported to the set of the film Rohn Belcher's Ghost on September 7, 1953 to film. An hour later, he complained of chest problems, and was sent to a nearby hospital. He was told by doctors that he had heart disease and cancer. Doctors worked to try to save him, but he died in the early morning hours of September 8, 1953. He was 66. His funeral was held a week later, and many famous names, such as William Harter and Herbie Gueller, attended.