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Season Total Episodes
Season 1 11 Episodes

Wipeout's RulesEdit

Round 1: Qualifier: The Qualifier is conist of 5-6 obstacles for 24 contestants to complete, but the fastest 12 will move to round 2, if in case of an injury, the contestant that may have injury, the 13th placer will move on or more.

Round 2: Sweeper: The Sweeper is conist of a sweeping bar that is going on top of the 10-foot high pole & only 12 contestants are playing, the first 6 contestants to fall in the water will be eliminated, the remaining 6 will move on to Round 3. The remaining 6 continue the sweeper until 1 contestant will win $1,000.

Round 3: Road to the final 4: The road of the final 4 is conist of 1-2 obstacles that there is only 4 people to move on to round 4, the obstacles are either the Dread Miller or Dizzy Dummy. The Dread Miller conist as a running way to get the final 4, the Dread Miller goes 20 mile per hour, the time is precious for them of only 4 moves on. The Dizzy Dummy is conist of 2 obstacles which they will spin for at least 2 minutes, after the fourth round is done, the final 4 will move on.

Round 4: Wipeout Zone: The Wipeout Zone is the final obstacle which conist of 4 obstacles & time is precious, the contestant with the fastest time overall wins $50,000, while everyone has $0 including the $1,000 winner of the sweeper (if the winner has $1,000, he/she wins $51,000).

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