Wolfe is a fictional character from the anime-influenced animation, Creature Planet.

Nathan Legend

[[Image:File:Wolfe Savage|px]]

Rebel City
Episode 33
Werewolf chimera
Captain Jack Savage (deceased father), Dr. Jonah (deceased mother)

History Edit

Early ChildhoodEdit

Twenty years before the beginning of the storyline, Wolfe's father, Captain Jack Savage, led some soldiers to attack a fortress that held some deadly biological weaponsto test on some innocent people. However, they were quickly captured to made into some experiments with the other people to transformed into chimera soldiers. Captain Savage was turned into a werewolf.

Five years later, one of the scientists, Dr. Jonah, was studying him and soon fell in love with him. When Captain Savage found out that the failed experiments that turned into misfigured creatures were to be destroyed, he broke free and attacked all the guards to get free with Dr. Jonah's help. They settled at the deserted mountain region and created Savage Village a home for chimeras where Wolfe was born.
Dr. Jonah was killed by some mysterious figure and Captain Savage went alone to search and have no one else get hurt.

File:Young Wolfe

File:Wolfe as werewolf

Hidden Power ArcEdit

When Wolfe met Nathan Legend, Winona Dove, and Specter, he captured them with the other villagers when thinking that they were working for people capturing chimeras for experiments.

File:Wolfe’s wolf-lion form

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