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A dirt road in rural Wyssoneau County.

Wyssoneau County (pronounced WISS-uh-nō) is one of Lohana's seventy-seven counties. Its county number is 28. The county's name is derived from the Parkufo word "wei-sou-neou", meaning "fertile land"; the county received its name because of its location on fertile farmland. Its county seat is Hoarder Corner.


Wyssoneau County was created in 1895. Its county seat was in Brannonsburg from 1895 to 1903, when it was moved to Hoarder Corner. The county has served as a "farming county" for many years. When Dragoonasag Interstate Route 92's routing in the county was being planned in the early 1960s, some farmers were concerned about the freeway cutting through their properties, as the original route was to cut through farmer George Halpos's farm. In 1964, route planners decided to reroute the road so that it would not slice through farms; thus, the current routing of DI-92 in Wyssoneau County.


Wyssoneau County is located in Central Lohana, in the state's "Fertile Belt".

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Wyssoneau County has a population of about 21,321. Below is the racial make-up of the county's population.

Racial Make-up of Wyssoneau County's Population[1]
Race Percentage Notes
Caucasian 83.3
African 7.2
Hispanic 7.2
Other 2.3

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