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Original run
July 2008 - May 2011

XA-79 is a TV series starring Andrea Cadmore, Lorena Calsel, Dave Harlons, and Darren Tymphell. The show began airing in July 2008, and its series finale was on May 27, 2011. The show centered around a group of people with super powers called "XA-79".


Main and recurringEdit

Actor or actress Character Duration
Andrea Cadmore Amanda Cressa Since the show's beginning
Lorena Calsel Crystal Barrona 2009-2011
Dave Harlons Drew Hilton Since the show's beginning
Darren Trymphell Charles Geltara Since the show's beginning
Elizabeth Ryeme Heather Carter 2009-2011
Jord Paringley Montgomery "Monty" Greylan 2009-2011
Mark Allaton Roger Trayell 2010-2011
Brittany Ravenell Crystal Barrona 2008-2009 Unknown reasons she disappeared from her home in 2009.
Carrie Rundan Megan Malexa 2009 Film offers
Bryan Celmarra Jacob Pinnere 2008-2009 Death. He met an untimely death after being in a car crash.

Guest starsEdit

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Amanda Cressa (Andrea Cadmore of Northfield Hills) leads a team of super-powered beings against many villains, some of whom also have super powers.

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