Xala is the oldest daughter of Zalthor . She was known for her rule of the Kazamarda empire.

Early lifeEdit

Xala's early life is much unknown, despite being born into a wealthy family. She was born sometime in 2034 in the Kazamarda empire. For much of her childhood, she just stayed in the Castle . The only thing we do know is that Zalthor is terribly unobservant, as he managed to record absolutely nothing.

The amount of information historians got may have had to do with the fact that Zalthor was doing villianous things at the time, but we can only speculate. This absense of information continued, until on 2050, she got a diary, the Xala diaries . This diary was written in everyday for the next twenty years.

Rule of KazamardaEdit

On December 5th, 2054, Xala was crown lord of Kazamarda, after Zalthor quit his job to become an evil wizard. During which time, Zalthor's Unnamed Wife, gave birth to a set of twins who named Fasd , and Thriwror, on July 7th, 2055. Xala noted her brothers and continued to rule the land. She felt so touched by them that she changed to show her affection.

The change in flags upset civillians in the uprising of 2055 and she decided to keep nuetral in international situations. She did so for the longest time ever, in which Fasd and Thrirwor became twenty. This would end, as Hultooof, a citystate near Kazamarda wished to expand. 

Hultooof assinated Xala in 2075 . A power struggle was caused, and Fasd and Thriwror decided to end it in the armwrestling match of 2075 . Fasd won, and inherited the land which would go down in the Hultooof wars.