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Xaxok is a town located in Madison County, Zinrico. It is located in the western part of the state. Founded in 1855, Xaxok's population has never been greater than 1,660 people. The town of Xaxok has gained a negative reputation, due to a fear of the route number of one of the highways that enter the town.

Etymology and pronunciation of the name

The name "Xaxok" is said to have been derived from an Angossase-language Parkufo word (zhaishokki) that translates roughly to "red wood" (two words, and not referring to a subfamily of coniferous trees). The name is pronounced ZAY-shock, matching the pronunciation of the first syllables of the native word.


The area that is now Xaxok was occupied by a tribe of Parkufo people called the "Angoushasie" (Angossase). English-speaking settlers arrived in the area during the early nineteenth century, and, decades later, in 1855, two men, named Paul Solingraff and Thomas Goldsworth, established a small farming community that was first called "Solingold" (from Solingraff and Goldsworth). Around the early-1880s, the town received its current name.

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