Xeera is the planet next to Mattania in the galaxy of Radania. Read the article called Mattania for more info on Mattania. The natives of Xeera have green skin because Xeera is a very green planet. Many nerdflowers grow on the planet Xeera. Nerdflowers have green petals with a blue center and stem. The natives use nerdflowers for dye to to color their ceremonial outfits. The dye is a turquoise color. They also use nerdflowers for food. Xeerinian women carry their babies in pouches on their backs. The Xeerinian men like to weave the clothes and ride the motorbombers while the women prefer to garden and tidy up the minihuts that they live in. Motorbombers are wonderful machines that look like rockets that carry nerdflowers to other planets such as Mattania, but you can also ride them for the fun of it too. Minihuts are little huts that Xeerinian families live inside.

Deticated to my aunt Nay.

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