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Zardragon is a dragon who is the King Of Towerville. He is a member of the "Horiozar Side".


Zardragon's abilities are the most powerful of any Dragon. A Firey-red Dragon like him must breathe alot of Fire in his lifetime, it's true that he breathes large amounts of Fire to keep living.


When you manage to earn new attacks your reverted attacks will upgrade into higher levels.Zardragons main attacks are: Infudio Blast, Infernoblade, Scooterstryyke, Fire Blast, Fireball, Whiteo Zua, Firo's Wrath, Windbomb, Firestorm, InfernoStorm, Maelstrom, Water speed, Dragonfire, Wrath of the ThunderStorm, Thunderblast, Thunderrain, ThunderBlade, WindBone, Skeletnea's wrath, Dreamblast, DreamBall, Dreamblade, Earthball, Universal Sword, Burnup, Incinerate, DeSin, Dreamorb and many more.


While the exact definition of Kinging is unknown. Zardragon, though, knows what it means which here is his quote about Kinging:

"Kinging is when us dragons go on a new Zakozu (new stage of being a King) and trying things from other worlds which means we travel around the universe and collect things from other worlds, Portals and universes around in Spaceland which is what we call space in Towerville."
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