Map showing Zinrico 1

A cropped map of the areas around Zinrico 1. Zinrico 1 is traced in white.

Zinrico State Route 1 (abbreviated ZIN-1) is a north-south state route located in western Zinrico. The route begins at a junction with National Route 72 in Butler City, and ends at a junction with State Route 90 in Josephtown.

In 2011, the entire length of Highway 1 was designated the "John A. Kalgarron Memorial Highway" after Zinrico politician John Albert Kalgarron, who died on May 8 of that year at the age of 74.

Counties traversedEdit

  • Butler County
  • Claye County
  • Apjack County
  • Pichulla County
  • Stuart County

Communities traversedEdit

  • Butler City
  • Sarahsdale
  • Powahachee
  • Affanta
  • Langleysville
  • Lattrick
  • Josephtown

Major junctionsEdit

  • National Route 72 in Butler City
  • State Route 226 near Butler City
  • State Route 26 in Powahachee
  • State Route 405 near Affanta
  • State Route 70 in Pichulla County
  • State Route 5 near Lattrick
  • State Route 90 in Josephtown

Route descriptionEdit

State Route 1 begins as a four-lane highway in Butler City, reducing to two lanes past the junction with Davidson Street in that city. Highway 1 then continues northwest toward the small town of Sarahsdale before it crosses the Claye County line and the city of Powahachee. At the junction of Highway 26, it turns due north and begins parallelling the Chaumar state line. Between Powahachee and Affanta, Highway 1 traverses a heavily forested area on a two-lane road. In Affanta, the highway turns northwest and gets closer to the state line. It remains less than six miles east of the state line between the Anakieth River crossing and the junction with Pichulla County Highway 71. Here, the highway turns northeast, inching away from the state line as it enters Stuart County. Shortly after meeting Highway 5, Highway 1 enters the city of Lattrick, where it widens to five lanes (including a center lane, and is known as Williams Avenue (in addition to its route-long designation mentioned at the top of the page). Upon leaving Lattrick, Highway 1 reduces to two lanes and continues toward its north end at Highway 90 in Josephtown.

Future plansEdit

The Zinrico Highway Department has announced plans to widen the highway to a four-lane divided highway (except for already four-lane portions in the city limits of Butler City, Powahachee, and Affanta, and the five-lane portion in Lattrick). Work is expected to begin in June 2016, and is part of the state's plan to widen "a number of important roads". The speed limit, currently 55mph along most of the highway, will be raised to 65mph upon completion of the widening.

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